Question: Who Is The CEO Of Optus Australia?

Where is Optus head office?

Sydney, AustraliaOptus/Headquarters.

Who can I complain to about Optus?

To lodge a complaint with the TIO you can call 1800 062 058 (1800 675 692 from a TTY handset) or contact them via their website Please note that you will need a complaint number issued by Optus, and the TIO will expect that you have attempted to resolve the complaint with Optus before lodging a TIO complaint …

Why is Optus customer service so bad?

Almost every Telco company in Australia are poor in terms of providing reliable internet/telephone and also customer service. The main cause of their poor performance and customer dissatisfaction is because they use overseas operators, in India or Philippines. It is not only Optus, Telstra, TPG, Dodo.

How much do Optus employees get paid?

The average Optus salary ranges from approximately $43,865 per year for Retail Sales Assistant to $107,400 per year for Project Manager. Average Optus hourly pay ranges from approximately $23.24 per hour for Sales Assistant to $40.00 per hour for Waiter/Waitress.

How old is the CEO of Optus?

The 44-year-old former Commonwealth Bank executive had spent a year in a fast tracked apprenticeship, working under former chief Allen Lew and learning about the telecommunications industry – which she had not worked in before she joined.

Where does Kelly Bayer Rosmarin live?

SydneyKelly lives in Sydney with her husband and two children.

How do I contact Kelly Bayer Rosmarin?

Kelly Bayer Rosmarin please call me?…1 Lyon Park Rd, Macquarie Park, Sydney, NSW 2113.Phone Number: Call 133 937 to reach someone at Optus headquarters. … Email: As an alternative, you can email Optus at [email protected] that may help spread the word about your problem.More items…

What industry is Telstra?

TelecommunicationsTelstraTrade nameTelstraIndustryTelecommunicationsFounded1 July 1975HeadquartersTelstra Corporate Centre Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaArea servedAustralia Worldwide (selected products)15 more rows

How much does China own in Australia?

CHINESE investors have continued to be the largest foreign entities with an interest (leasehold and freehold) in Australian farmland for a second consecutive year. They increased their investments by 0.5 per cent, bringing Chinese interests’ total area of Australian agricultural land to 9,199,000 hectares or 2.4pc.

Is Optus better than Telstra?

Optus again comes out on top, because it generally offers better value for money out of the two. Each telco’s cheapest plan starts at AU$75, which will get you unlimited data on NBN 50 with Optus. On the other hand, AU$75 nets you just 500GB of data and much slower speeds with Telstra.

Is Dodo owned by Optus?

Dodo Mobile is powered by the Optus network which covers 98.5% of the Australian population – from capital cities to regional and rural towns.

Who owns Optus in Australia?

SingtelIt is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singtel. Optus is the second-largest wireless carrier in Australia, with 10.5 million subscribers as of 2019….Optus.Trade nameOptusBrandsGomo AustraliaRevenueA$8.93 billion (March 2013)Net incomeA$764 million (March 2013)OwnerSingtel10 more rows

How much does the CEO of Optus earn?

THE Optus chief executive received a $S5. 5 million ($A4. 5 million) salary package last year, according to SingTel’s annual report, released yesterday. Paul O’Sullivan’s package included a base salary of $S1.

How old is Kelly Rosmarin?

44How old is Kelly Rosmarin? Kelly Rosmarin is 44, she’s been the Chief executive officers of Consumer Australia and Optus of Singapore Telecommunications since 2020.

How do I contact Optus Australia?

If you have a question or need help with your Optus service, you can contact us through one of the options below….What can we help you with?1300 417 220. Mon – Fri: 8am – 9pm. … 133 937. Mon – Fri: 8am – 8pm. … 133 937. 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week.1300 555 241. Mon – Fri: 8am – 7pm (AEST)

How much does Optus make?

Optus has completed its full fiscal year to 31 March and collected AU$9.1 billion in operating revenue, which represents a 5.7% increase year-on-year. But a 7.6% increase in operating expenses to AU$6.5 billion saw the earnings reported by Optus decrease up by to 16%.

Who is the head of Optus?

Kelly Bayer Rosmarin (Apr 1, 2020–)Allen Lew (Oct 1, 2014–)Optus/CEO

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